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In 1932, Nina Ricci established her Parisian couture house. A hallmark of elegance, it would become famous for representing femininity via a sophisticated luxurious yet intentionally relaxed style.

By combining sumptuous materials with soft draping, tailoring and her ability to capture the essence, Nina Ricci became synonymous with contemporary fashion. Her main goal was to channel the personality of every woman; proposing a classic wardrobe that favoured naturalness over ostentation.

Masculine products have always been part of the Ricci universe, notably with the Ricci Club boutique, on François 1er Street and the 1989 success of the “Ricci Club” perfume.

Born in Turin in 1883, Nina Ricci moved to Monaco with her family. She then settled in Paris, where she spent 20 years refining her art as a couturier and developing her unsurpassed technical expertise. Steeped in Parisian savoir-faire, she pursued her mission to make women look beautiful with a youthful sparkle. When wearing her designs, they appeared subtly fresh and graciously composed; not unlike a flower in bloom.

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